Run out of diapers? Need a phone charger right NOW? Can't find your grandmother - who speaks Farsi? Have a 2 hour layover with a newly adopted infant?
John Ishu and Travelers Aid can help. Founded in 1851,and originally based in Union Station, this organization has been helping travelers in crisis find their travel in and out of Chicago a little easier. They feed hungry pets, guide special needs travelers, smooth the way for injured military personnel, and help returning Americans and immigrants of every age.
Travelers Aid is primarily run by specially trained volunteers, who speak dozens of languages, and whose "job description" is part librarian, part social worker, and part travel guide. They know that travel, especially through such a large and busy airport as O'Hare, can be stressful even when you're not in any of the situations described above. Every year, they help over 600,000 travelers.
Look for the volunteers in the blue vests the next time you are at O'Hare.  Or maybe consider volunteering yourself - like Des Plaines Rotarian Werner Juretzko, who speaks several languages and spends several hours a week with Travelers Aid.
John Ishu, Manager of Travelers Aid Chicago